How Men Can Look Great On A First Date

Men should always look great whether they are on a first date or tenth date however it is really crucial that you look fashion fierce on your date night. A first impression is never made again. Another thing to consider is that your presentation of yourself shows your level of respect for her. Women do notice what you wear and they do try and figure out if you are fashionable enough to be seen with.

Women will also spend a lot of time looking at your feet. Women are obsessed with shoes. Not just their own shoes or shoes on other women — your shoes. So wear nice ones, because her judging you on them is unavoidable. Pick an appropriate pair — lace-ups or loafers for the evening; driving shoes, moccasins, or simple sneakers for the afternoon; flip-flops for hanging around. Do this and everyone will think you are being fashionable.

Going out with the girl you met on, especially for the first time, is an occasion. Be sure to dress for it. You don’t have to wear a tie but be sure to wear a jacket. However if your dating occasion requires a tie — be sure to wear it. The idea is to not look too dressy if you don’t have to because that can make it look like you are trying too hard.

Unless you are going to a wedding, the opera or some other formal occasion stays away from the suit. It makes you seem uptight. Sure, the nicest things you own are probably those suits of yours, but those suits are best to wear to work. Your goal on date night is to look casual yet crisp. A jacket, white shirt and black jeans is a safe choice.

It also is very important that you wear clothes that fit you when you are dating. If you wear a large slopping T-shirt you will look immature. A shirt that is too tight makes you look uncomfortable. Wearing something a little tight fitting is not a mistake as it gives her a hint of what you might look like naked.

Be sure to keep yourself clean. Clip your nails and wash your hair. Women also like to look at your hands. Get rid of that dandruff and wear deodorant and a light perfume. This will show her that you are going to some trouble to lure her into bed.

During the date, put your phone on silent. She will think hard every time that phone rings, thinking it is another woman. This is just another way to show her you are courteous and serious!