Heel Styles for 2008

There are several types of shoe styles that are going to be back for 2008 and the big question is always “What is the heel trend that is coming up.”
The first big trend that is going to be hot for 2008 is the stiletto. Stilettos are spitting in the face of the chunky heeled revolution that took hold of the fashion industry a few years ago. The most popular styles are those which are going to have a platform hidden on the front of the shoe with the heel supported by the chunky platform. Designers that have jumped on this trend are DSqured1, Yves St. Laurent and Balenciaga.
However that does not mean that thick chunky heels have gone away. They are back around for next year. They are like a hangover from this past Fall. Designers that are still doing the big chunky heel include Christian Dior, Marni and Chanel. These chunky round toed styles of shoes are definitely easier to walk in so make the most of them while you can – before they go out of style!
Another big trend is the tapered heel. These are more conical and interesting looking. They slope a bit at the back. They are not a classic shape which in a way is good because it means that they are so unique you can wear them for years. They look especially space age in a color like silver. Burberry and Zac Posen are marketing shoes like this for the Spring.
The squared off toe is also still very much in vogue. This is a blunter toe then we have ever seen and you are sure to see it in open toed styles for Spring from designers such as Prada, Christian Dior, Marnik and Calvin Klien. This heel is a mutant of the round toe that was seen in 2008. It makes for an edgy looking shoe especially if the heel is quite high.
Designers such as Akris, Fendi and Badgely Mischka are making above the knee boots that are very svelte looking and look hot over tights, jeans or pants. Chanel, of course is making a quilted version. The heels on this boots will also be flatter and smaller. The most popular material for them is suede or fake suede.
Lace up Victorian shoes and boots are also back and we really haven’t seen this type of thing be all the rage since the eighties. Some designers are also making lace up leggings to go with this style of boot as well. They are also made in all kinds of interesting textures and colors. The round toes are still in vogue with this style but we can also expect to see more and more pointed shoe styles as well. Designers making the lace up Victorian skate style high heel include Chanel, Alberta Ferretti, Pillip Lim and Marnie.

Make Up Tips for Spring 2011

The powder white face with caked on circles of blush that was so Lady Gaga last year is not going to be fashionable again this year. One trend that is going to be hot in makeup for 2011 is something called candle-lit cheeks. This is a make-up effect that makes you look as if you were glowing beneath candlelight. The best way to get this effect is to smooth a light layer of shimmery blush over slightly bronzed skin. Be sure to shine the apples of your cheeks while blending it in.

Grunge came back for a while last year and quite a few women were wearing Kurt Cobain style gnarly knots or putting mud or texturizer in their play to look a little bit shredded in weather. This spring you are encouraged to wear a chic twisted bun that is polished with spray gel. To get this type of stylish bun all you have to do is put your hair in a pony tail and then twist it into a figure eight and pin it up.

One very strange trend for this year is to paint nine of your fingernails in one solid shade and then coat the tenth an eye catching metallic. A good choice would be nine blue nails with one bronze fingertip. You do not have to paint the tenth finger the odd color out. It looks great if the fourth finger of the left or right hand is the one painted copper and the rest are blue. You can also do variations of this such as having all of your fingernails painted black and one finger silver or your entire fingernail painted chocolate brown with one gold. Nails are supposed to be shorter this year as well. Long pointed talons are not as fashion fierce as in the last couple of years.

Glimmer lotion is big this Spring. The reason you want to use lotion with sparkles in it and not powder is because we are still wearing quite a few clothes in the winter and loose powder can get all over the fabric. Instead apply the lotion with glimmer, wait five minutes for it to dry on your skin, and then get dressed as usual.

Another trend is in the area of cleansing facial towlettes. All of the big companies are issuing these moist disposable cleaning cloths in citrus and herbal scents now. For instance, Ponds now makes a cleaning towelette infused with cucumber, chamomile and orange.