Looking Trendy With No Money

Sometimes you simply do not have the cash to go shopping and look trendy. That is where you need to get savvy about where you shop for bargain. It is totally possible to look great without spending a mint.

First of all you need to learn how to pass up the sale that sounds like a bargain but actually isn’t. The bottom line is that 10% off is not much of a discount. You need to stick to your guns and wait until there is a 40% off sale. The idea is to look for bargains that cost half of what it cost the retailer.

Yet another clue is not stop buying year round. You need to buy last year for next year and think ahead a few seasons. You also need to buy one piece here and there. The surest way to get into debt is to go on a big shopping spree and blow all of your money. Remember too that shopping at the end of a season is always cheaper.

Shop online if you want to save money. There are simply more accessible wholesale outlets available online than anywhere.

Another solution to looking great while you are on a budget. Simply get into the habit of swapping clothes with equally broke girlfriends. This is one way to get you a new look. Women know this works and some take it so seriously that they hold large swap meets where everyone switches clothes, shoes and other items.

Another way to look great is to buy vintage. Make sure you are not buying from a vintage store that caters to celebrities or you could pay much more than you bargained for. Search the discount and second hand stores for bargain. Sometimes you can find the perfect t-shirt or scarf at the same place you buy your toilet paper in bulk.

Remember that being a fashion victim can sometimes mean you paid too much for an article of clothing. It is also important not to be a fashion snob. If you care too much about labels you may not save any money.

The ultimate way to save money is to buy a sewing machine and start making the clothes yourself. Of course the only issue here is time. If you are slow or inefficient sewer it may not be worth it to you to spend twenty hours making a dress and include the cost of fabric. However if you are a whiz with the sewing machine then it may well be worth it to you to start sewing.

Sometimes a sewing machine is your best ally when it comes updating your clothes as well. Sewing a ruffle on a skirt or narrowing a pair of jeans may be the perfect way to update an out of style item.